Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What does one use to bake Gluten/Milk Free in Germany? Here is what I use!

People keep asking me what I use to make my cupcakes Gluten and Milk Free - so  I thought I would post some pics of the ingredients that I use.

Baking Essentials:

Cocoa Powder - I try to get the best baking Dutch Cocoa I can find in the supermarkets here.

Baking Powder - I ONLY use baking powder from the US or UK.  If I am in dire need and have none on hand, I use the German stuff, but double the amount.

Xanthan Gum - Not picky on the brand and to be honest, don't use that much, but I do get it from the states as is hard to find here and when you do, it is in the tiniest packets.

Vanilla - I ONLY use pure vanilla extract.  I NEVER use the German "aroma" stuff.  I could do it myself, I know this, but it is easier as there is always someone coming over at some point in time who can bring me more.

Baking Soda - again, the US stuff. 

My Flours:

I get my Rice and Tapioca flours at the local Chinese shop.  It is  higher grade (even though it looks quite odd) of rice flour and the ONLY place I can find tapioca flour.

I find the Werz brand GF flours in most Bio and Health food shops.  It runs around 3-5€ per small box.  The Mascobado sugar is 5€ :( and can be found in the same places as well as local supermarkets.

Other Ingredients:
 When I make anything pumpkin (and I LOVE pumpkin) I only make it from fresh pumpkin. 

Milk Free:
 I use Deli Reform Margarine. It is 100% vegetable - so is milk free as well as vegan.  I use the Alpro "Ungeüßt" soy milk. This is ONLY water and soy, nothing else!

 When I need to bake also egg free or vegan, I use flax seed (1 T each of water and flax seed per egg needed) in place of eggs.

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