Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coffee Cupcakes with Turquoise Frosting (Gluten/Lactose Free)

Please note that the actual color is closer to the one like the upper right corner.  I only have a crappy point and shoot and I can never capture the true color to things up close in unnatural light.

If you would like the recipe, please message me. I don’t really want to put up the recipes until I get them right.  As these are ongoing experiments to create nice flavors of gluten and lactose free cupcakes.

I have been dreaming of making turquoise frosting ever since I saw a pic of a choc cupcake with brilliant turquoise frosting.  A friend brought me the colors needed to mix (Wilton Sky Blue (6x) and Lemon Yellow (1x)) and I did not want to make the chocolate ones just yet as still experimenting with different flavors.  I needed a reason to make some cupcakes and tomorrow is my last physio session for a while and I love my physio therapist.  She has done miracles for my neck/shoulder/back and I thought a perfect way to say thank you.  I chose the coffee cupcakes as she once told me how much she loved coffee (drank it all day, including evenings) and also her practice colors are white/turquoise - so this was perfect!

What I did different this time:
I used a mix of Amaranth, Millet and Corn Starch.  I also excluded the Xanthium Gum this time.  I used a bit more baking powder and some sea salt as well.  They are a great improvement over the last batch.  I chose not to do the coffee frosting as well, thought it might be just a bit too much overkill (lesson learned from the lemon cupcakes).  So, I did a simple Butter Cream frosting.

I also tried several different tips to do the icing.  With the icing being too thin (I ran out of powdered sugar) it did not turn out so well.  I really need to find some tips to get. Perhaps will have a look online this evening and see what I can order from the UK, as not found a good place for tips here.  So, each cupcake is pretty much a bit different - was just playing around :)

What I did wrong:
I followed directions ;-) I should learn never to do that!  The timing was just too long (although was ok for the last few batches).  Luckily, this batch made enough to make 19 cupcakes, so I have plenty that are ok to give away.  I also did not want to dip into my treasured supply of Crisco (super expensive here (and if you really want to know what it is used for here, send me a message.  It is sold only really for 1 purpose in Germany ;-)  And I do know better, but this time - since I was only experimenting, I decided to go with it.  What is "it"?  Well, German butter is different than US butter.  German butter is very yellow and is always unsalted.  The unsalted butter in the states is very light in color and you can get a pretty white frosting with it. But here, you get yellow frosting, no matter what (unless you used the cherished Crisco).  So, I thought since it uses 1 part yellow anyway - I may still be able to get my brilliant turquoise frosting that I am after (I will put a pic at the end of the cupcake I am addicted to perfecting!).  so, while the turquoise is indeed turquoise and not teal or blue as I have tried before, it is not as brilliant as I would like. So, when I do make my dream cupcake - I will use the Crisco and no butter - this will give me a pure white to start with before adding my colors.

I also did not double check before I started baking (not that it would have done me any good, as nothing open anyway on Sundays in Germany >-( - But I did not have enough powdered sugar.  The frosting turned out ok, just a bit too runny to keep it's nice pipped frosting.  I put them in the fridge though - this should stiffen them up.  I will leave the there til I take them to Iris tomorrow :-)

My dream cupcake which I will perfect beyond perfection to make for my 40th Birthday in January :)

Please note, I do not know who to give credit to for this picture. This is a pic that keep popping up on adverts on my facebook and yahoo.  I have searched and searched, but can not find it.  So, apologies!!!

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  1. Hi Babs, could you please send me the receipe? My sister is having her babyshower this saturday and she asked me to make chocolate cakes with this color of toping to match the decoration, they must be gluten and dairy free because of me and my father! So yours is perfect!
    I was actually searching google for ideas for topping when I came accross your post!
    I live in the south of Brazil, and my email is - if you could be so kind as to send me the receipe until tomorrow, I'd apreciate!