Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gluten & Milk Free Homemade Donuts

Well, I tried to replicate what MaMa with Flavor did with The Pioneer Woman's Homemade Donut recipe, turning it into Gluten and Milk Free.  It did not quite work as I had hoped :(

They turned out more like heavy cake donuts rather than fluffy yeast donuts.

I would recommend trying these if you want to using your own substitutes.  The flavor was EXCELLENT, I think the flours I used were just too heavy for this - and perhaps more yeast is needed as well.

I followed The Pioneer Woman's recipe exactly as she lays it out (she has a very good pictorial as well ;) but made the following changes

First, I cut the whole recipe in half, there are only 2 of us - 1 is a diabetic and we both need to watch what we eat,so was MORE than enough for 2 people!

Milk - Soy Milk (the one that is only soybeans/water - nothing else added)
Butter - Milk Free Margarine
All Purpose Flour - Mix of Amaranth, Millet, Quinoa, Rice, Tapioca

I hope someone else does try this and is successful!!!


  1. They look pretty great to me! How do they taste? As someone who has to make over a lot of recipes to be low carb (diabetic), I have come to realize I can't replicate everything perfectly and sometimes good enough is, well, good enough. But I know it's frustrating!

  2. Thanks Carolyn :)

    They do taste very nice, they are just more like a "heavy cake donut" rather than a nice fluffy yeast raised one :)

    Apparently, there is some flour in Italy that is nearly carb free (Ros 95) but not yet available. That will be interesting :)

  3. What an inspiration! I am happy you tried these gluten free! They look very tasty :)

  4. You are the inspiration Sommer :) Just wish mine had turned out as awesome as yours :)