Friday, November 26, 2010

Feuerzangenbowle Cupcakes (aka Pots of Evil)

In Munich we have a great Feuerzangenbowle stand at one of the Christmas Markets.  It is a tradition that a lot of expats meet up there each Friday during the advent season when the markets are open.  I made special POE cupcakes for the opening day today.  They were chocolate with cinnamon and cloves and the frosting was Rum Buttercream.  They were decorated to look like fire (feuer in German).

I was very pleased that they went very fast and had to really guard the few that were left that were being saved for a few people who had not shown up yet.

For next Friday, I plan to make Ginger cupcakes.  But not sure what to do for frosting!!!  As our "American" style frosting is too sweet for the Europeans.  Not sure what to use that I can still pipe with that has the stiffness and taste, but not as sweet. Any ideas?


  1. They look absolutely beautiful!

  2. They really did turn out great!! And thanks to Roger for the great photo!! Makes me really really really want an SLR :)

  3. They looked fantastic, the cupcake carrier was well cool. For my tastes a little bit too much clove flavour but otherwise perfect, smooth texture and lovely and moist :-) You'd never know they were gluten free!°

  4. I'm still sad I missed these! They look awesome with the firey frosting. Loved your ginger & pumpkin cupcakes on Friday too!
    P.S. I linked your blog in my post today. :)