Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ghee, the butter for those who are Casein intolerant

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Am posting this as I tried to post a simple response to the question on the Tuna Noodle Casserole, but for some reason, I can not post a comment.  Tried many different things to get the comments to work, and we couldn't.  So, I decided the answer was actually worth a blog post anyway :)

The beauty of Ghee (aka clarified butter) is that it is butter and it is casein free!  During the process of cooking butter down - it leaves 3 layers.  The top layer is skimmed off and the middle layer is the clarified butter (Ghee). This is poured off and kept for cooking and the bottom layer (all the milk solids) is tossed.

Ghee is quite expensive to buy, but easy to make.  Below are a few links to making your own.  I just don't have the patients, so I buy the local German equivalent - Butaris.

Ghee is an old Indian tradition - and trust me, you use Ghee in your curry instead of butter or oil and you WILL notice the wonderful difference!

For times when you want some butter on your toast or want to bake with butter, I use goat's butter for this.  Also quite nice.  And added benefit is that it is white, so you can make nice white frosting with it too :)

Here are a few links for making your own clarified butter as well as general info on Ghee

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