Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gluten and Milk Free Pasta & Baby Spinach with Baked Goat's Camembert

 As you can see, we have our camera back :-)

I was visiting a friend the other day and she had a new cookbook.  I was flipping through it and had to admit that even though I have never been a Jamie Oliver fan (mostly because I have only ever seen  him in German and the dubbed voice they have for him is extremely annoying!!!), I loved this particular cookbook.  As I was flipping through the pages, one of the pictures really caught my eye.  It was a pasta dish with camembert.  What caught my eye was that the camembert was baked in the wooden container it came in.  Something about this really appealed to me.  So, I made a trip to the larger Karstadt in the city with a large selection of cheeses.  I was able to find a nice French camembert made from goat's milk.  

By the time I got home with the cheese EVERYTHING stank!  I had never had soft cheese like this that had such a horrible smell. I was sure it had gone off.  I then chatted with another friend who said that yes, some of the soft goat's cheeses smell.  So, I stuck it into a zip lock and put it in the crisper.  By the next day, the entire fridge stank.  I was having my doubts about this recipe.

Today, we made it. I followed Jamie's recipe from "Ministry of Food" to the tee, except of course, I used gluten free pasta and for the cheeses, I used pecorino ramano and goat's camembert.  I also added 2-3 times the amount of rosemary (my Guy loves rosemary) as well as adding some rosemary and garlic to the water that the pasta was boiling in.

The result was a beautiful blend of cheeses and spices that went wonderfully with the pasta/spinach.   I was a bit afraid that the cheese would end up melting all over the place.  The last time I bought a goat's camembert (a much cheaper brand only wrapped, not in the nice wood holder) and baked it inside of some pastry dough, it leaked all over the place.  So, I made a little form of aluminum foil inside the wood holder and then put the cheese in that.  But to my delightful surprise, the cheese inside baked perfectly leaving the outer "skin" in tact.

I can not recommend this highly enough.  It was so delicious!!  I purposely only made 2 portions (cut the recipe in half) and am wishing I had not, so that we had left overs.

I won't retype the whole recipe, but here is a link to a condensed version (only the instructions have been a bit condensed, the ingredients are all listed.  Again, to make this gluten free, you only need to use any gluten free pasta that you like and if you are also cow's milk intolerant, just use goat's camembert. 

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