Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sheep's Cheese with Chocolate. Yes, you read it correctly :)

So, I was at my local Karstadt (at Nordbad) yesterday searching for some different sheep's or goat's cheese to try.  I found a lovely pecorino with chili's - Yumm!!

I was sure that I had misunderstood the lady behind the counter when when she offered me "Schafskäse mit Schokolade" to try.  Now, my German is OK, but I was sure I misunderstood her.  She then pointed to a block of sheep's cheese with chocolate.  I was a bit skeptical, but I did try it.  It was actually quite nice.  It had a nice mild flavor with a nice bite of chocolate, as well as whole hazelnuts too.  The chocolate was not overpowering, nor was it too little that you didn't notice it was there.  I did not buy any (as I had already had her cut a huge chunk of the one with chili) and while it was nice, I could not see using it for everyday eating at home (the chili one however, I could eat every day :)  Perhaps next time we have company or make a nice little cheese try, I may buy some.

They also had (same brand) sheep's cheese with pistachios.  This I did not particularly care for.  It was not bad at all, just for me, the 2 flavors just didn't go well together.

Just wanted to share for any others of you out there in Munich who can't have cow's milk (or for anyone really).  This is a great alternative for cheese :)

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