Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comfort food ... Gluten and Lactose Free Brownies

My neck/shoulders have gone all spasm on me again and spent the night on muscle relaxers and painkillers.  I was in the mood for some comfort food and had given all my cupcakes away.  So, I had a box of Gluten Free Brownies in the pantry that were easy to make as take little mixing (shoulder is too sore to mix).  So, I whipped them up in a hurry and then put the left over turquoise frosting on them.

Ironically for some reason, you can actually see the true color of the frosting in this pic, unlike in the photos from the pot below this one.  I LOVE the brown/turquoise combo together.

They are so yummy :-)   I feel a bit guilty for not making them from scratch, but I usually have a box on hand in case I need them in a hurry and don't have the ingredients to make them myself.

The brand is Bauckhof and they make several other gluten free mixes.  I have had the falafal (quite nice) and the pizza dough (would never buy again).


  1. i love the photo!! I like the patterns you use in the background- pretty! i was at the commissary last week and saw a bunch of gluten-free cookie mixes, cake mixes etc. The gluten-free items are gradually growing which is great! I really wish I could be there to try your yummy cupcakes. Maybe this winter.

  2. Yes, even in the states (which is WAY behind Europe and Australia) they are making GF mixes in all stores now. But homemade is always so so much better :-)

  3. Of course homemade is better, but I am astounded at the volume of GF things in the States these days. If you have a spare million, Whole Foods had no less than 18 different *brands* of brownies, plus muffins, pancakes, biscuit mixes, pie crusts... you name it, hundreds in total. Even my regular shop (Shaws/StarMarkets/Hannaford on the East Coast) has a wide selection since about 8-12 months ago. The only brand of flour that I use is King Arthur flour (the only one my German Bäckermeister Grandfather could fathom to use the few times he made it to visit), and even they now have GF things (