Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The lucky cupcakes to be made first - Earl Grey cupcakes with Butter Cream Frosting

My partner LOVES Earl Grey - so I decided to try these first.  To get the flavor - you bring milk (in this case MinusL brand) to almost a boil.  Then you remove and put in 4 Earl Grey teabags (please use actual English bags, not the German ones, they suck) cover and let it steep for 30 min. 

What I used: MinusL brand vollmich and Butter (for cupcakes and butter cream frosting).  Earl Grey teabags from UK.  For this recipe I also used Amaranth and corn starch (as was out of my other flours, so need to make a trip to the Bio market tomorrow).  I also used my partners muscle :)  I have a swollen shoulder at the moment so could not do the endless mixing (this recipe had loads of mixing to get the right texture) so he did this for me :)

What I forgot to do (yes, I did this very late when I got home from a long day as was so excited to start making something from my new book! was since the original recipe called for Self Rising Flour - I forgot to add some baking powder (and again, here use US or UK powder, not the German stuff and if you have to use the German stuff - use twice the amount).  I also forgot to put Xanthum Gum in it as well.  But they turned out beautiful even with these 2 items forgotten. 

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