Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Butter Cream Frosting

OK, so I had to cheat a bit on these.  They call for 1 Tbsp of sour cream.  They do not make Lactose Free sour cream here, so I used normal.  Since I knew they would not be completely LF, I went ahead and used normal butter and milk.  But they are Gluten Free :)  Also, I am out of piping bags (a friend is bringing me some this weekend) so I used the old fashioned technique - a knife ;)  So they are not as pretty as usual.

I am not a big lemon fan, so can't really tell you how they taste.  We will have to wait for Karen and her colleagues to tell us that.  They turned out a nice yellow (could not get that in the pic) and I have loads of frosting left over :(  

What I did - Again, I used Amaranth flour (trying to use it up as well as corn starch and another flour (not sure to be honest, as is unmarked in  one of my glass jars - but it is def GF).  I also added the baking powder this time - made a HUGE difference.  I also added the Xanthum Gum, which I think I will leave out of my GF cupcake recipes for good.  It just makes the batter more glue like. It does not change the taste and think it is great for bread baking (it is a binder to replace the gluten) - but in cupcakes and muffins - it just makes the batter a weird consistency. 

10 of these will go to a friend of mine for her work, 4 will stay here for me and Guy to eat.  I hope they get good reviews!!!


  1. It is great to find your site! I am gluten-free, but the rest of my family is not. It is so good to find your site. Thank you for offering up tasty tips and treats for the gluten free gals!

  2. You are welcome Megan. Thanks for finding me :) I am just getting started. Figure I should put my 10 years of experience to some use.

    My partner is not GF (he is Lactose free though) so he pretty much eats 100% GF and never complains :-) We make EVERYTHING that everyone else has, I just have learned over the years how to alter things to make them taste nice.