Sunday, May 1, 2011

Most fun I have had baking cupcakes. With one of my good friend's daughter.

As you know, I LOVE baking cupcakes and what is more fun than baking with kids :)   A good friend of mine had an appointment near my house and asked if I could watch her oldest daughter (just turned 3) for an hour or so while she was there.  I took this opportunity to have loads of fun with Lottie and doing some cupcake baking :)  

I let her choose what we would do. She wanted vanilla with pink frosting.  I made a few large cupcakes ahead of time (I put bright pink food coloring in them, so they were VERY pink.  When she got here, we made another small batch of vanilla, but put blue coloring in them this time.  We then made mini cupcakes with this batch.  While they were baking, Lottie decorated the pink cupcakes herself.  I did help with some of the piping (she couldn't quite hold and squeeze the bag with her little hands).  

I got a few fun things for kids. Some animal sugar toppings, some princess sprinkles, gummy bears, mini smarties etc...  She had so much fun and I let her do what ever she wanted to them.

She then took nearly all of them home with her for her Nan and Pop (aka grandma and grandpa) who had arrived that day from the UK to visit them.  She was very proud of herself and her cupcakes, as was I.

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