Sunday, October 17, 2010

The coolest aprons ever.....

I am so excited. I found this apron on google while searching for pictures of cupcakes.  I clicked on the picture and found that it is something you could order.  So I did.  They are made by a lady names Lana who sells them in her shop Sassy Apron through  She even will  make matching headbands too.

I can not wait to get this apron. Even wondering if it would work as an Oktoberfest apron if I am still here in Munich next year :-D


  1. My apron came yesterday. I LOVE IT!!!!! There was so much attention to detail, it was even wrapped nicely in tissue paper and ribbon.

    If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone for Christmas - check these out!!

  2. I actually wore this as my Halloween costume :) I dressed as a crazy baker lady. I made a chefs hat with white cardboard and a pink beret on top and stuck cupcake stickers all over it. Then put a whisk, spoon and piping bag in the pocket. Wore bright pink tights, green skirt and black top - was so much fun!!!