Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gluten & Milk Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Green Frosting

I needed to do a trial run for some chocolate cupcakes I am making later this week for a birthday and wanted to try the new recipe out first.  I hadn't had any other request for cupcakes in the last week, so I thought I would give these to my hairdressers.  Their favorite color is green, hence the frosting color.

I will post the recipe on the next post when I make the birthday cupcakes later this week as I need to adjust the baking powder and perhaps try something else a bit different.

OK and the photo for some reason is uploading fine, but appearing turned 90°  I tried several times and don't have the energy at the moment to keep trying, so the picture will be sideways - sorry :-D

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  1. Can I post a link to your blog on my Autism In Long Beach Facebook Page with the cupcake recipe (with full credit to you and a link of course!)? Please let me know, you can email me at jane@theautspot.com

    Thank you!! Great Blog by the way!!!!